Quiz: Can We Guess What Era Your Soul Is From?
Can We Guess What Era Your Soul Is From?
By: Tasha Moore
Image: Eugenio Marongiu / Cultura / Getty Images

About This Quiz

If you're considering taking this quiz, you're probably one of many out there who've always felt out of place in the skin you're in. That's because your soul is likely from another time period. Take this personality quiz to see which time that is, exactly. Answer some fun questions with your very best honesty, and we'll tell you about the era that best suits your precious soul.

Does watching shoot-em-up westerns on TV give you the chills, like you're actually there? Does the sooty stench of industrial waste transport you to time that you can vividly recall? When you hear the word "drill," do you immediately drop and perform thirty push-ups for your bunker-, err, roommates? Or does the sound of all of that mumbo jumbo just make you type, all caps: "OMG, WTF!?" to anyone who'll read your social media timeline? This personality quiz will settle all personal soul era dilemmas once and for all.

We promise to read you like a stone, parchment roll, paperback or e-book. Scroll forward to see which era cradles your soul!

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Are you more of a helper or are you more inclined to need help with most things?

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What's your first reaction when you hear a blaring siren?

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Are you the talkative type or are you more of a listener?

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