Can We Guess What Holiday Pie You're Obsessed With?

By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Milan_Jovic / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

It's the most wonderful time of the year - for pie! There are a lot of great things about the holidays. There's the time with family, the gifts, and most importantly, there's the the holiday food. During the holidays we roll out our best recipes and we use them to bring the family together. Whether hilarity or Hallmark-style family love takes place at your holiday table, the things you tell us will let us know which pie you spend dinner dreaming about. 

From old-fashioned apple pies to newer classics like turtle pie, there's nothing quite like the display of desserts found at a holiday dinner. Although most of them are mouthwatering, we think there's one pie that simply screams the holidays to you. In fact, you probably daydream about it all throughout the year. 

As we sample our way through your holidays, we will ask you a series of questions about the way your shindig goes down. Each response you give us will lead us to the dessert table with you, and we will figure out which pie you might try to sneak home with you. Then, we'll guess the holiday pie you are so obsessed with you are probably picturing it in your mind right now! 

Which side dish do you like the most?

Will you be on the naughty or the nice list this year?

Which holiday song do you like most?

What would be your job at the North Pole?

Which holiday do you like the most?

What kind of holiday cookie is your favorite?

What would you most like to find in your stocking?

Which word sums up your family dinners?

When do you put up a tree?

Which reindeer's name do you like most?

What do you think Mrs. Claus does on Christmas Eve?

Where do you have holiday dinners?

Which dish would you take to a holiday dinner?

How do you open gifts?

Which kind of pie is best served with ice cream?

What holiday drink do you like most?

What topic do you avoid at holiday dinners?

Do you make a wish with the wishbone?

Do you go shopping on Black Friday?

Who carves the turkey?

What is your favorite way to eat holiday leftovers?

How do you start your holiday meals?

Which holiday movie do you like most?

Do you like whipped cream on your pie?

Do you own any holiday pajamas?

Have you ever been to an ugly Christmas sweater party?

How do you think Santa finds you?

What do you enjoy most about the holidays?

Do you ever go out caroling?

What would you prefer to roast on an open fire?

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