Quiz: Can We Guess What Piercing You Wanted as a Teen?
Can We Guess What Piercing You Wanted as a Teen?
By: Jennifer Post
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About This Quiz

Earlobe piercings are, not surprisingly, the most common body piercing. They are usually the least painful and a good introduction to piercings. They are also usually the first piercing that people get - sometimes when they are babies. But it seems like wanting piercings, or wanting to branch out with piercings, comes to a head in the teen years. That is a time when people feel like they are really coming into their own and want to do something to make their mark on the world. Or, they feel like their parents are strict, and they want to rebel a little bit.

Sometimes the reason is as simple as all of someone's friends are getting piercings and fitting in is super important. Whatever the reason is, everyone goes through a period of wanting one piercing or another. Teens are very highly influenced, so it's no wonder that certain shows made teens want bellybutton rings or other shows made them want tiny studs going all the way up their ear. The best part is, the person you were as a teen and the person you are now are the same, just with different life experiences and priorities. 

Do you think we can guess what piercing you wanted as a teen? Take this quiz to find out!

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Did you have an item of clothing when you were a teenager that you wore repeatedly?

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Is there one thing you remember about being a teen that makes you cringe?

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What type of snack do you reach for when you're feeling a little peckish?

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Where would your family go on vacation when you were growing up?

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When it comes to jewelry, which metal do you prefer?

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How would your friends describe your jewelry style?

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If you put your playlist on shuffle, what are you secretly hoping pops up?

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What's the most daring hairstyle you would be willing to rock?

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