Can We Guess What Position You Played in Little League?

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Little League Baseball was founded in 1939, and since then, millions of American children have grown up playing baseball, learning the codified rules, and looking up to their adult counterparts in the major leagues.

Through accident or design, Little Leaguers get an assigned position. Sometimes this is because it's the only one available. Sometimes it is because of a particular natural strength of the player. Sometimes it is because the player lacks a skill needed for another position. 

There are many cases of players who grew up playing one position, only to be reassigned as adults. Bryce Harper, for example, was a catcher when he was growing up, but became an outfielder when the Washington Nationals drafted him. Jorge Posada was a second baseman but made the switch to backstop after spending some time in the minors with the Yankees. Still, the imprint of these players' old positions remains in some form.

Every position has its unique demands and mindset. It is particularly important for pitchers to control their emotions, much more so than for position players. Catchers have to develop both a sensitivity to their pitchers' state and the ongoing strategic consequences of what is happening in the field. Infielders have to communicate with each other, preparing for different complicated infield plays, and outfielders have to do complex math, determining the parabolic path of fly balls so that they can be intercepted.

Do you think you still bear the marks of your old position? Take this quiz and find out!

In what social situation do you excel?

Which of these best describes your job?

At what age could you no longer play ball like you used to?

How do you go about buying your everyday personal effects?

How do you feel today when you watch a professional baseball game?

Which of these retired pitchers do you admire the most?

Other than baseball, what sport did you play the most when you were growing up?

In what industry do you work?

Which of these is most like the educational institution you attended after high school?

What sport have you never played, but always wanted to try?

How many of your family members seriously played baseball?

How do you keep fit as an adult?

How many times have you been injured badly enough that you had to visit a doctor?

Who was your role model, growing up?

How often did you play for your little league team?

In what foreign country would you feel most comfortable living?

Who do you root for in the World Baseball Classic?

Which of these jobs compares to yours in terms of stress?

How many surgeries have you had?

When someone's mood changes, how soon do you notice?

How likely is it a friend will come to you for private advice?

How many times did you change your position on the team?

When you see a friend, family or colleague in trouble, what is your first reaction?

How quickly can you get into "war footing" when an emergency strikes?

What do you do when you feel panic creeping up on you?

Assuming you've been under the knife, on what part of the body did you have surgery?

When things get unpleasant, how do you feel about time?

Assuming you went to college, what was your college major?

How do you study new skills?

How strong is your interest in baseball, today?

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