Can We Guess What Royal Bible Character You'd Be?

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Shallum, Ahizah, Zimri and Elah.  Jehoshaphat, Hezikiah, Josiah and Asa. Two lists of Biblical kings, but as different as night and day. The first, a ruthless bunch of evil kings known for assassinating their way to the throne and creating unholy alliances. The second, a righteous group who led their people with kindness and were blessed for their obedience to God. 

And, that's just the men. There are a host of queens in the Bible - the Queen of Sheba, Deborah, Candace, Esther and others – who led nations from powerful positions and even took troops into battle. That's girl power with a biblical twist!

Despite living thousands of years ago, each of these royal Bible characters bears traits and had experiences you might find similarities with. King David was a writer and a man who came from humble beginnings. Esther, queen of Persia, won a beauty contest and ascended to her royal status after being raised an orphan. Do any of those strike a chord with you? Take our Bible royalty quiz and find out which king or queen you may have been in another life. You may discover that you have more in common with the legendary leaders and biblical greats than you realized!

Dogs, cats, horses or sheep ... do you considering yourself an animal lover?

Think about the people you hang out with. What type of influence are they on you?

Other than playing the radio, do you consider yourself musically inclined?

Family relationships are important. Are you close to any members of your family?

Whether it's Christmas or a birthday, what kind of gift-giver would people say you are?

Whether you got it from books or just living life, how smart would you say you are?

We all have opinions, but what word would others use to best describe you?

How do you feel about standing up to someone bigger or stronger than you?

Think back to your school days. What would your classmates vote for you as?

Some of us are late bloomers. How old were you when you started figuring it all out?

Love them or hate them, how do you feel about the people you encounter day to day?

Not to be grim, but how would you like to go when it's your time?

We all possess unique talents. What would you say is yours?

Confession time: Have you ever made a mistake in a relationship?

No sibling rivalry here, but are you the oldest, youngest or somewhere in between?

What would the title of a book about your life be called?

If you were given the gift of writing, what would you author first?

Money is a necessary evil, but how important is it to you personally?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What trait do you look for in a significant other?

It's time to fight! Which of these would you take into battle with you?

Which of these would you most like to grace your headstone after you death?

Someone has to make ends meet. Would you take a menial job if you had to?

Would you stand up for someone else if you thought they'd been wronged?

Do you ever feel like a higher power is taking care of things on your behalf?

People come in all types. What type of people do you prefer to hang out with?

It's time to pray. In your prayer, which of these things would you ask for?

How good are you at keeping secrets? If someone told you to keep quiet about something important, could you?

Mistakes happen. How do you respond when they involve you?

Which app on your smartphone do you find yourself going back to again and again?

Baggage is a part of life. How much do you carry with you?

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