Can We Guess What Sport You Played in High School?

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You shoot, you score! Or maybe you were swinging a bat. Were you spiking a volleyball or kicking a soccer ball? When it comes to high school, there are tons of sports that are offered. From tennis to basketball to baseball, can we guess which sport you played in high school?

Athletics are a huge part of American culture. When it comes to professional sports, you'll find that most of the population watch football, baseball, and basketball as well as ice hockey and tennis. While these might be the focus at the professional level, you're certain to find even more sports at the high school level. Teens are also playing soccer, golf, lacrosse, and volleyball. While these sports might've just served to fuel your competitive nature, they probably have even deeper meanings about aspects of your personality.

Volleyball players show a level of unparalleled determination. Whether they're sacrificing their bodies by diving to the floor or spending hours trying to nail the perfect serve, their players are unrelenting. If you're versatile and easily adaptable, you might've spent your younger years playing basketball. Rather, are you fast and strategic like a tennis player? There's only one way to find out!

While you might just love the sport you play, there's a big chance that it mirrors aspects of your personality. From your favorite year of high school to the kind of car you wanted to drive, can we guess which high school sport you played? Let's find out!

What did you do after graduation?

What was your summer job?

Where was your favorite place to take your crush?

What kind of car did you pine for as a teenager?

Which senior prank did you pull?

What board game did you play with your friends?

Which assigned novel did you actually enjoy reading?

Which fine arts class did you take?

What did you do on Senior Skip Day?

What was your least favorite household chore?

What was your favorite after-school snack?

What milestone decision are you most happy with in your life today?

What is the one chore you actually enjoy doing now?

Which cafeteria lunch did you actually like?

What was your favorite subject in school?

What was your favorite writing instrument for taking notes?

What kind of movies did you and your friends watch?

What field do you work in?

Besides sports, which school club did you join?

What did you and your friends like to talk about?

Where did you volunteer?

What was your favorite dessert as a teenager?

What did you drink to stay up late for class projects?

What kind of sneakers did you wear to school?

Which fast food place did you eat at the most?

Which social media platform do you use the most?

Which dress code violation did you get written up for?

How many AP or IB classes did you take?

Which year of high school do you feel was your best?

Which shenanigans did you and your friends get into in high school?

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