Can We Guess What State You Want To Live In?

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From sea to shining sea up to Alaska and down to Hawaii, the United States is comprised of 50 states. Each one has its own personality, so there's guaranteed to be one that suits you perfectly. Texas is larger than life. New York, at least the city, never sleeps. Massachusetts is known for colleges. California is known for celebrities and extravagance. Alaska is rugged and outdoorsy. Hawaii is outdoorsy, but more laid back. We're just beginning. There are still 44 other states we haven't mentioned here. 

Some people thrive in the hustle and bustle of the northeast. Others want acres of land, so that they don't have to deal with nosy neighbors. Others want to live near the city, yet have easy access to the countryside whenever they need to get away from it all. The wonderful thing about the United States is that all these scenarios are not purely nice fantasies. With the right state, you can make it your reality.  Going to a state you've never visited before can feel like traveling to a foreign country. You can explore it all without having to dig out your passport! 

While most of us can't take months off work to discover the state that speaks to our soul, this quiz seeks to help you figure out where you belong. Find out which state is calling your name! 

What is your natural habitat?

Which fictional town do you secretly wish yours was like?

In a perfect world, you'd have how many pets?

Which legendary author living or dead would you spend the day with?

When you were in college, where would you be found in your spare time?

If you could go back in time, which decade would travel to?

If education and money weren't issues, what would your profession be?

You're given $8,000 to go on vacation, where are you traveling to?

Which TV show should be mandatory viewing?

Which Las Vegas activity are you most likely to partake in?

When someone tells you they take public transportation to work, what's your reaction?

Which website would you be lost without?

Who's concert do you have front row seats for?

If you had to eat a food every day, which one would you pick?

You're having a party, who's on the guest list?

Which instrument do you wish you could play?

If you owned 5 acres of land, what would you do?

If you hired a builder to design a house from scratch, what style would it be in?

What is the longest amount of time you're willing to travel by car?

Which national park or monument could you spend days at?

Which outfit are you most likely to wear to work?

Which piece of advice do you find the most practical?

When there's nothing on TV, what's your default channel?

You don't have work the next day. What time are you going to bed?

Which crowd song do you join in at the top of your lungs?

Which genre of music reminds you of where you would like to call home?

What do you never leave home without?

How do you handle large crowds?

Which animal is your spirit animal?

The thought of which state overwhelms you?

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