Can We Guess What You Wanted to Be When You Grew Up?

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Kids are conditioned to think about tomorrow from a very young age. What do you want to be when you grow up? What classes will you take in high school? What will be your college major? Sure, some people get to age 30 and still have no idea what they want to be when they grow up, but we all spend a lot of time thinking about it and being forced to make decisions that lead us down one path or another. It's a lot of pressure! But before all the stress that comes with it, when we're still young enough, we just have the pure joy of imagination and thinking how much fun it would be to live our lives as whatever our fantasy career might be, no matter how likely the reality of it is.

When you're a kid, having a dream of the future is one of the purest kind of fantasies we can have in life. It's not bogged down by any real concerns or fears or practical necessities. it's just what seems great to your mind as a child, and that's kind of awesome. So do you think we can guess what you wanted to be based on who you are today? Why not take the quiz and we'll find out?

When you were a kid, what was your favorite class in school?

What was the best schoolyard game to play when you were a kid?

If you could have had anything for lunch when you were a kid, what would you pick?

What's the most important part about any job you end up having?

What's the worst part about working?

Group work isn't for everyone. Do you prefer going it alone or getting a job done with others?

Earth's greatest heroes are the Avengers. But who's the greatest Avenger?

How long are you willing to spend in school to get the career you want now?

Did people encourage you in your dreams when you were a kid?

Were you involved in any after-school extracurriculars?

Quick, what's the best way to cook your eggs?

Would you ever consider following in your parents' footsteps in terms of careers?

How long do you think you could put up with a job you hate?

Did your guidance counselor at school ever suggest a career path for you?

How old were you when you changed your idea of what you wanted to be when you grew up to something more realistic?

What did you do with most of your time as a kid?

Did you ever perform in a school play?

Would you do your dream job even if the pay wasn't good?

What would you do if you got your dream job and you turned out to be really bad at it?

When do you hope to retire?

What was your favorite movie when you were a kid?

If you had to fight an animal what kind of animal do you think you'd want to take on?

Is what you do now better than the dream job you had as a kid?

If there was another job you could do for way more money but it was boring and no one would ever see you at work, would you do it?

What was the coolest job in history that no longer exists?

What's the most common dream you have out of these options?

Which of these things causes you the most anxiety?

Which of these celebrities would you most want to have lunch with?

What was the best episode of Hot Ones?

You can work anywhere on Earth. What city would be the dream city for your dream job?

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