Quiz: Can We Guess When You Got Out of the Military?
Can We Guess When You Got Out of the Military?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Joining the military is a huge adjustment. Preparation for military life is all about over-preparation. Basic training is a meat grinder, intended to hammer recruits with military life in the extreme, so that if there are any issues they come up when life and limb are not on the line. Can you take orders? Can you shoulder a heavy pack and hike through a mountain range? How clean can you keep your bunk? These become yardsticks for measuring the feet needed to live in the military.

Of course, after years of living a certain way, coming back to civilian life can be challenging. There will be times when instincts lean toward harmless habits that are a must when in the military. Other times, it might be confusing for your friends and family. Life at work may, too, be affected, as your old habits show up, creating an environment more reminiscent of the barracks.

Is it possible to reverse engineer these habits and determine how long someone has been out of the service? We think we can pinpoint how long you've been out of the military. Just answer our carefully selected questions, answer honestly, and we will tell you exactly how long you've been out of the service. Take the quiz!

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How often do you find yourself checking your gig line?

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Do you still do a military tuck when you put on a dress shirt?

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How often do you find yourself glancing to where others' ribbon racks should be?

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What time do you wake up?

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How often do you do as you are told without question?

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How do you react when you ask someone to do something and they do not immediately do as you asked?

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How do you feel about nasty weather?

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What do you call the bathroom?

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