Can We Guess Where in Texas You're From?

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Texas became a state in 1845, joining the Union as its then-largest state, which it remained until the arrival of Alaska on the scene later. Texas is the third-biggest state by population, and despite its reputation as a solidly conservative red state, it contains multitudes. Its largest city, Houston, is a cultural center with great museums and also the headquarters of NASA operations. Houston is also where people in the oil industry conglomerate, to make their fortunes from the fabulously wealthy oilfields both onshore and off. However, Texas is also home to some of the best sun and wind out there, meaning that it's a leader in renewable energy too. 

Texas' capital is Austin, which prides itself on being a progressive center full of theater, new ideas, and of course, lots of really weird people. Austin is not the wealthiest city, ceding that crown to Houston, but it is the power center of the state and one of the most diverse and innovative cities in the US.

The state is also home to vast ranches that host some of the world's greatest cattle herds. You can drive for miles and only see a cow here and there, but that's just a sign of how big it all is! Dotted around this splendid fertile plain are Texas' small towns, like Rockport, Amarillo, Plano, and more. These are where salt-of-the-earth small town folk live and where you might go to hear some great country music or perhaps attend a rodeo or a cattle auction. All these different cultures and places make up the diversity that is Texas - so give us a clue or two, and we'll figure out which of them made you who you are!

How weird are you?

How much do you love money?

How many people do you like to be around?

How affordable do you need it?

What industry do you work in?

What view do you see from your house?

How long a commute is too long?

How do you power your home?

What sort of home do you live in?

What do you drive?

What sort of dog do you have?

What sort of after-dinner entertainment do you want to go and see?

How do you feel about NASA?

Are you on a first-name basis with any cows?

Do you know your neighbors?

Do you mind being outside where there is no AC?

Do you ever walk anywhere?

How safe is your hood?

For what purpose might you own a gun?

How do you feel about the ocean?

Do you like highways?

How ambitious are you?

Have you ever been to a rodeo?

What do you like to drink?

How many restaurants near your house is the bare minimum to survive?

How accessible do you like the rest of the world to be?

Have you ever left Texas?

How many of your friends are from out of state?

From your local school board all the way up to your federal representatives, how many are from the same political background?

How green do you like it?

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