Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based on Your Taste in Pizza?

Emily Maggrett

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What's more personal than one's taste in pizza? Answer: nothing. Both in Italy and in the United States, people take their pizza very seriously. If you put Canadian bacon on your pie, some people will explode, saying that it's the most inauthentic thing they've ever heard of. Other people get annoyed if you dare to offer them deep-dish pizza, saying that it's (gasp) overrated. 

One thing's for sure, though: Your pizza preferences almost certainly stem from the culture you grew up in. New Yorkers see pizza very differently from Midwesterners, who in turn might not even recognize the kind of gluten-free kale and butternut squash pizzas you'll find in California. If you share your true pizza desires with us — i.e., the kind of pizza you eat when you're alone, not what you order at a schmancy restaurant when you're having dinner with your Italian-American boss — we think we can pinpoint exactly which state you hail from. 

So, are you ready to admit that you secretly love eating Totino pizza rolls when you need a midnight snack? Are you prepared to reveal your worship of cheese and olive pizza topped with Sriracha? If so, stop gazing at that Domino's menu and come play this quiz! 🍕

Be honest: do you still like making pizza bagels in your toaster oven, middle-school style?

Would you rather kiss Zayn Malik or eat pizza?

In your opinion, what's the worst pizza topping?

Now tell us, what's the best topping ever?

Thin crust, thick crust or stuffed crust?

What's your favorite pizza dipping sauce?

Anchovies or nah?

Do you know what "white pizza" is?

No pizza party is complete without ... ?

Gluten-free pizza is ... ?

How do you think pizza should be baked?

Should it be illegal to put butternut squash on pizza?

How crispy is your ideal pizza?

What kind of cheese tastes best on a hot slice?

Which one of these slices of these would hit the spot right about now?

If you went to a friend's house and they offered you some lousy pizza, would you eat it?

What's your favorite kind of frozen pizza?

Have you ever made homemade pizza?

If you wanted to enjoy the world's best pizza, where would you go?

Can pizza be good without cheese?

You're having a pizza dinner party. What will you serve to drink?

Square, round or deep-dish?

What kind of weather would you consider to be "perfect pizza weather"?

Is pizza a full meal, or do you like to eat sides with it?

Do you blot your pizza with a paper napkin?

What's on a good vegetarian pizza slice?

Is Papa Murphy's ... good?

In your opinion, what's the greatest pizza of all time?

What's better than pizza?

A truly delicious pizza has a great _______ ?

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