Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based on Your Vocabulary?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Every region of the U.S. has a few words that are rarely used by other regions. While we won't base our guess solely on this fact, we will carefully analyze your vocabulary for any clues that might tell us where you grew up. Will we need to get a better map, or will we get it right? 

In addition to looking for local clues, we are going to comb through the words you regularly use. Your word knowledge and the words you choose will give us a lot of details about you, but we promise not to pry too much. Instead, we are going to get an overall sense of the way you speak and see if it puts us closer than simply asking you where you spent your formative years. 

Throughout this quiz, we are going to ask you which word you would use, give you a few fill-in-the-blank sentences, and take a look at the way you fit words together. Once we feel like we grew up in your hometown too, we'll take our best guess about the state you grew up in. You might not live there now, but we're betting it left quite the impression. Do you think we'll be able to figure it out? 

What do you call the thing you fry eggs in?

Do you say slacks, trousers or pants?

Which word would you use to describe The Empire State building?

How do you refer to pancakes?

Fill in the blank: I would never eat _____ on toast.

If you think something is beautiful, how do you say it?

Do you call it pop or soda?

When you need the facilities, what do you call it?

What is the name of the thing you clean the floor with?

How would you describe yourself when you are angry?

Fill in the blank: I prefer to wear ______ clothes.

Which word would you use to describe someone who is disagreeable?

If someone is attractive, how would you describe them?

Other than dogs, which word do you use for our furry friends?

How would you describe a meal you didn't like?

Which word would you use to describe a rainbow?

What do you call the thing you do dishes with?

Fill in the blank: My boss really is _____.

How would you describe the color hot pink?

Do you call them sneakers or tennis shoes?

Which term of endearment do you use most often?

Are they subs or hoagies? Heroes or grinders?

Fill in the blank: My furniture is so old that it's ______.

If someone is over confident, how would you sum them up?

Is it money or cash? Dosh or greenbacks?

What do you call the thing you sleep under?

If someone is being childish, which word would you use?

Fill in the blank: I think winter is ______.

How would you describe your intelligent best friend?

Where do you go to enjoy music?

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