Can We Guess Where You Live From Your Taste in Snacks?

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Every culture has its own unique food specialties. Throughout the United States, we share these with each other as a way to bond over food. While every region has its own take on hamburgers, apple pie and hot dogs, each region in the United States has its own specialties that you can only get in that region in order for it to be truly authentic. 

Those who live in the Northeast have easy access to Philly cheese steaks, New York style pizza, and argue over who makes the best pretzels and donuts. Southerners snack on fried green tomatoes, fried okra, cornbread and other treats typically found at a barbecue. In the Midwest, they argue with New Yorkers over whether deep dish pizza counts as pizza and feast on a variety of unique state fair finds. People who life in the western United States tend to get lumped in with California and Washington, where light, healthy snacks reign supreme. 

Of course, each region is more than their signature food. However, signature foods serve as a cultural shorthand to determine who has historically resided in the area and who is moving in to a region, bringing their cuisine with them. It's why New Yorkers love their bagels and the Midwest loves its sauerkraut. 

Now, it's time to reveal your favorite snack to find out which region your taste in snacks best aligns with! 

You're hungry for potato chips, which brand do you pick up from the convenience store?

How do you feel about Moon Pies?

You're in the mood for some deep-fried goodness, which snack are you reaching for?

If you're snacking on cheese, what are you grabbing?

You're looking for something salty and settle on pretzels, what type are you buying?

Which ice cream brand do you buy most often?

How do you take your hot dog?

When you order a pizza, which style do you expect to be served?

You're craving a snack cake, which brand are you picking up from the supermarket?

Which chewy treat do you find the most appealing?

You need a quick meal! Which handheld food are you eating on the run?

What is your favorite peanut butter and chocolate candy?

You're ordering a sandwich and want chips on the side, what flavor is the bag you grabbed?

Which is better Red Vines or Twizzlers?

You're craving fries, how do you take them?

Which red candy catches your eye in a candy store?

Your sweet tooth got the best of you, which chocolate coated candy are you snacking on?

It's lunchtime and you're in the mood for a sandwich, what are you ordering?

Which cookie do you grab for an afternoon snack?

You need a midday pick-me-up, which fast food restaurant are you stopping at?

Have you ever had fried green tomatoes?

Have you ever had a Nathan's Famous Hot Dog?

Which movie theater snack are you chomping on throughout a movie?

You're looking for a protein-packed snack, which type of jerky are you eating?

Have you ever had pimento cheese?

Which nut are you most likely to snack on?

Which gourmet popcorn flavor do you buy by the bag?

Have you ever eaten a walking taco?

You're looking for a healthy snack, what did you decide on?

What are you washing all these tasty snacks down with?

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