Can We Guess Where You’ll Live in 5 Years?

Ashley Ehman

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About This Quiz

The world is a pretty big place. With so many countries to choose from, how does a person even decide where they should live? Does it come down to where their job takes them? Or perhaps they're drawn to a certain area, all for the promise of local cuisine? Does the idea of moving to a completely foreign place excite you? Or would you rather make a home in one place and one place only? Let's see what the future holds for you by finishing this quiz!
A short 30-question quiz stands between you and your destiny. Will you be moving to haggis-filled Scotland, where tartan will be around every corner you pass? Or will you find yourself in the home of anime, with all the bright lights of Japan? Perhaps you'll even be drawn in by the warmth and coast that Australia has to offer! If none of those sound appealing, then maybe basing your homestead in the United States would be more your speed. Before you start packing your bags to set out on your new life, let's figure out which location we're setting the GPS for. Let's answer the question: Where will you live in 5 years? 

What season ranks higher than any other season for you?

What is your preferred mode of transportation?

What kind of living situation would you be happiest in?

Which meal would you devour first?

Which statement about you is most true?

What do you value most in a city?

How much do you value having your family in your life?

What is the most important goal you have for your summer?

What do you like to do most on your days off?

How do you make new friends?

Of the following, which dog breed do you like the most?

What's one thing you don't leave the house without?

Out of the ones listed, which sport do you like the most?

How much do you enjoy traveling?

Of the following, which franchise do you enjoy the most?

When it comes to diet, what do you most identify with?

Of the ones listed, which destination would you most want to travel to?

What would you dress up as for Halloween?

How much did you move as a kid?

What's your preferred method of communication?

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Of the following, which phobia would you never be diagnosed with?

Of the four listed, which is your favorite Disney movie?

Which element do you like the most?

Which type of shoe would be your go-to pair to wear out of the house?

Pillows and blankets aside, what mattress size gives you the best night's sleep?

Where do guests sleep when they visit you?

What industry would you most like to work in?

What's your go-to morning drink?

Of the following, which animal would you most like to see in real life?

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