Can We Guess Where You're From Based on Your "Type?"

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While sexy men and women exist everywhere, there is a certain something about the culture you grew up in that will always be ultimately hot for you. From southern charmers to straight-talking Yankees, your taste in lovers is easy to understand when you look at where you are from.

Your taste in dates has a lot to do with your first loves, which happened to be on the people you grew up around. Maybe your town had a young and cute librarian, or you had a crush on your parents' pool boy. Even the bad dates showed you what you like and dislike in another person. No matter who your first loves were, the kind of person you want to be with is the one who feels like home. 

Whether or not you are trying to escape your hometown, your type of romantic partners has been massively impacted by where you grew up. Rather than trying to avoid that, embrace it! Finding a date that feels like home creates an instant rapport. Dating is hard enough as it is without trying to ignore the people who genuinely give you the warm and fuzzies. 

See if we can guess where you are from based on your ideal romantic partners! 

What kind of dancing makes the best date?

What kind of car does your dream date drive?

Which outdoor lunch date sounds great?

Which small surprise do you find really charming?

Which physical trait do you find most attractive?

Which first date idea would make you instantly attracted to someone?

Which sultry song makes you swoon?

Which hidden talent is a huge turn-on?

Which hair color keeps catching your eye?

Which dessert is sweetest to split with a sexy someone?

Which takeout-for-two would you rather pick up?

How do you like to ask someone out?

How organized are the people you enjoy dating?

Which accent is the most attractive?

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

To be a perfect partner, which of these qualities cannot be annoying?

What hobby does your type often have?

Which sport would you love to play with your date?

Which season feels most romantic to you?

Which scent is a big turn-off for you?

What does your date have to recognize and love about you?

Which cocktail is the sexiest for your date to order?

Which cult classic do you love bonding over?

What kind of outfit makes someone instantly more attractive?

What is a big deal breaker for you?

Which scent always draws you in?

Which TV show is the best for Netflix and chill?

Which meal do you dream of your date cooking for you?

How can you tell someone cute is really interested in you?

Which character trait is most enticing?

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