Can We Guess Which Christian Denomination You Identify With?

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About This Quiz

"Everything is not for everybody" is the basic premise of this churchy quiz. Answer a short series of questions, and we will try to guess which Christian denomination you identify with. And there's no reason to switch church memberships if your results don't match up with your true denomination. Some people traits span many categories of faith. We have filtered characteristics based on church histories, doctrines and the attributes of people who had the most to say about their faiths.

Your views on alcohol use may be less conservative than your opinions on celebrating secular holidays, for instance. This test is a fun way for Christians to survey views on simple or major issues, such as these, that we come across on a daily basis. Moreover, this is a fun opportunity for you to take a gander at other denominations that share in the Christian faith. You'll find that Christians share many common ideals. So consider this personality test as an exercise of ecumenical harmony.

Find out which sect of the faith agrees with your temperament best. Scroll on and be amazed!

What type of baptism do you prefer?

During long periods of time, do you like to move around a lot or stay in one place?

How do you feel about newcomers?

What type of community outreach do you engage in?

Which day of the week do you consider holy?

Do you prefer a church that's always open?

Do you need help running your household?

Do you get a kick out of European influences?

What are your views on the afterlife?

Do you believe in supporting your leaders?

What is your view on free will?

Are you a family-first person or more of an individualist?

Do you like to stand out in a small group, or do you tend to hide in large groups?

Do you believe that people should work for what they get in life?

What are your views on disciplining children?

Do you believe in waiting until after marriage to have sex?

What type of beverage would you drink during communion?

How do you feel about the use of tobacco products, like cigarettes?

Should birth control be prohibited?

Do you think that all sinners should go to hell?

How do you prefer to dress when going to church?

Are you an emotional person?

Are you a creature of habit?

Do you like to eat meat?

Can women be church leaders?

What do you think will happen at the end of the world?

Can you keep a secret?

Are you big on celebrating holidays?

Would you rather give or receive?

In any relationship, what's a huge deal breaker for you?

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