Can We Guess Which Country You'd Disappear To?

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Have you ever gone on vacation and just fallen in love with wherever it was you went? Maybe it was the culture, the food, the people or just the whole environment. It was such a change from where you came from that it seemed like you found paradise. That happens more often than you'd think. And for real, some places on Earth really do seem like paradise, especially when you compare them to places where you've maybe grown restless or had some bad experiences. The fact is we often become enamored with new and exotic things just because they're so new and unique. We want to experience them all the time, even if that means running away from what we know and immersing ourselves fully in that new and wonderful thing.

Whatever the reason that might be motivating you, love of something new or dislike of something old, there's always a chance you just want to take off and disappear to a land far away. There's nothing wrong with that feeling, though you should probably make sure it's cool before you act on that feeling. But regardless of how it goes down if you want to disappear, we bet we can guess where you'd like to do it. Just take the quiz and see!

Why do you feel like disappearing in the first place?

Do you want to go someplace where you'd fit in or someplace truly different?

How much traveling do you do right now?

Can you speak any other languages?

When you think about traveling, how high up the list of priorities is good food?

Speaking of food, do you consider spicy food to be good food?

Are you interested in the history of the places you visit?

Do you like getting to know traditions and customs in other cultures that are different from your own?

Are you OK with a looooooong travel time?

How well do you communicate with people when there's a language barrier?

Does bad weather ruin a vacation for you?

Are you the kind of tourist who hits up museums in other countries?

Is it really a vacation if you don't get to go to the beach?

If you were going to disappear closer to home, what city would you choose?

Do you want to disappear someplace that it'd be super easy to lose yourself in?

Who would you be disappearing with under ideal circumstances?

When you're thinking about where you might travel, do you worry about local illnesses?

What about wildlife? Would the creatures that live in a certain country make you think twice about visiting?

Do you need all the amenities you have at home?

Do you want to head to a place where you have a ton to explore or just a single place you can relax?

How long are you looking to disappear for, anyway?

How do you plan to get around once you get where you're going?

Think you'll send anything back home to the people you left behind?

Do you tend to pick up accents when you travel?

What kind of environment are you looking to disappear in, anyway?

Do you get anxiety when you travel?

What's your least favorite part of the travel experience before you get to your destination?

If your flight gets canceled, do you know what you'll do?

What's the most touristy thing you like to do when you go on vacation?

In reality, we're stuck with other countries. In fiction, there are whole other worlds. What alien planet would you disappear to if it was real?

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