Can We Guess Which Crazy '70s Fashion Item You Used to Wear?

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About This Quiz

The 1970's was an era of cultural change. Think back to the sexual revolution, the women's movement, and the gay liberation movement, which all rose to the forefront of society and could no longer be ignored. The fashions of the day expressed the changing mores. 

If you were slow to adapt, you could express that feeling in a more traditional wardrobe. If you were ready to embrace the change and appreciated the opportunity to express yourself, your clothing choices might have been more liberal.

There were also upheavals in our political views and our assessment of the government in the '70s. However, in this quiz, we focus on daily life during that changing decade. From the slang you spoke to the fads you tried, this quiz will ask you how you saw yourself back then. There will be questions about what your favorite movies were, the music you listened to, the food on your table and other insightful questions. 

Your answers will help us gain a better picture of the style of dress you would be found in during disco-ball-blinding years. Go ahead, give it a try. Start the quiz and let us guess which crazy '70s fashion item you used to wear. 


Which band were you more likely to listen to in the '70s?

Which '70s dance move best fits who you are?

Would you consider yourself to be more masculine or feminine?

Which description best matched your body type in the '70s?

Do you tend to follow the fashion trends of the day or are you more likely to create your own style?

Which '70s TV show did you like the most?

Which '70s movie would you have had the best chance of being a cast member?

How important was comfort to your '70s fashion style?

Which '70s fad were you most obsessed with?

How much do you like denim?

How tight did you like your clothes to be in the '70s?

Which hairstyle best fits what you had in the '70s?

Which '70s iconic figure best fits your style?

Do you tend to take risks or play it safe?

Which '70s slang phrase was your favorite?

Which car is most like what you drove in the '70s?

How long did you hold on to your 8-track player?

What was the first video game you ever played?

Which "Rocky Horror Picture Show" character is most like you?

Did you own a pet rock?

Which disco band was your favorite in the '70s?

Honestly, have you ever gone streaking?

How big of a fan of "Star Wars" were you when it first came out?

Have you ever worn a pair of platform shoes?

Did you buy a moped during the oil crisis?

Gee, did your hair smell terrific in the '70s?

Was there a dashboard hula girl in your car in the '70s?

Have you ever received an acupuncture treatment?

Which color lava lamp would you prefer?

Did you own a waterbed in the '70s?

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