Quiz: Can We Guess Which Month You Actually Were Born In?
Can We Guess Which Month You Actually Were Born In?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

During this quiz, we promise not to ask you what month you were born in! That would be lame. Instead, we're going to ask you questions about your personality, your friends, and maybe about your childhood, too. Through getting to know you, we'll be able to predict the very month you entered the world - and made it a better place! 

We all know that the zodiac signs have individual traits, but did you know that months have them too? People born in January might be a little tougher than those of us born in July. Different months carry with them not only the signs of the zodiac, but individual portions of the year that contribute to our personality traits. 

Telling us about your quirks, your favorites, and about the way you view the world can help us make an educated guess. We'll compare your traits with our vast database of monthly traits, and poof! Bob's your uncle!

Pour yourself a nice glass of wine and put on your thinking hat. Once we get to the bottom of you, or you get to the bottom of the bottle, we'll be able to tell you what we've learned. Hopefully, it's the right month! 

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