Can We Guess Which NBA Team You Would Play For?

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Even though the NBA's legendary franchises are some of the most recognizable in the league, in the last decade or so, they've lost a degree of their power.

Sure, teams are still the ones that offer terms to players, and they are the ones that ultimately have the power to decide if they want to trade away guys they have under contract. But in recent years, the balance of control has tilted more towards the guys on the hardwood.

Consider LeBron James in 2010 - he famously decided to "take his talents" to South Beach, joining up with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in an alliance that was ultimately forged by the players themselves, with the teams just paving the way.

For a more recent example, you only need to look to the Big Easy. Less than two weeks before the league's trade deadline, his agent publicly informed the New Orleans Pelicans that he wanted to be traded as soon as possible, setting off a chain reaction of events that could change the way star players handle the way they pick their teams.

Which brings us all to the most important question - if you were an NBA baller, which team would you suit up for? Just pick your answers to the questions below to find out - no trade requests necessary!

How well do you handle snow, hail and cold weather?

NBA players get big checks on and off the court - how important is it for your city to have opportunities for you outside of basketball?

Pro athletes have big egos - do you need to be recognized as a star in your town?

Coaches are the glue that holds your team together. How important is it for you to have a great coach?

Which of the below reputations would you most want your city to have?

Some hoopers choose a city based on how much taxes they have to pay. Does this issue matter to you?

GMs are the de-facto leaders of a team's day-to-day operations. Are you choosing your team based on the GM?

Does your franchise need to have a solid tradition of winning championships?

Many guys choose a team as a way to become one of the franchise's all-time greats. Do you care about your chances of being a legend in the team's history?

Besides a great basketball team and a strong organization, what else would you most want your city to have?

Many people love the coast because it gives them the opportunity to be near water. Do you care about the beaches in your NBA team's city?

Some NBA players believe it's important to carve out a legacy in one town. How much do you care about playing for only one team your entire career?

Do you think it's important to have a good relationship with your team's owner?

Some markets, like Los Angeles and New York, tend to attract big-name free agents. Does it matter to you how attractive your squad is to other stars?

Certain teams are known for having an athletic training staff that can keep players' bodies in peak conditioning. How important are your team's trainers?

Basketball is a global game - stars are adored from Chicago to China. Does it matter how strong your team's international ties are?

Basketball is a team sport - what is your attitude towards your teammates?

Athletes and musicians are connected in many ways - what kind of music scene do you want to be most prominent in your city?

Interacting with the ones who cheer for you is a big part of being a pro baller. Where would you want to host a meet and greet with fans?

The NBA season has a grueling schedule. What are you doing on your days off?

Which of these industries would you most want to be based in your town?

A lot of ballers want to have families - is it important for your city to be a good place to raise kids?

These days, NBA players are more outspoken about social issues - what's your political ideology?

Ball players always have good relationships with famous celebs in other industries. Which famous person would you most want to hang out with off the court?

Which of these is your favorite non-basketball sports team name?

As an NBA player, you'll be bringing in enough dough for a really nice house - what's your ideal crib style?

Every place has a downside; which of these negatives would you best be able to handle?

How large of a city would you like to play in?

In the NBA, players are rocking fashionable gear as if they were on a runway! Does fashion matter in your team's city?

Are you more concerned about playing well as an individual, or helping your team win?

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