Can We Guess Which NFL Team You Hate?

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Sure, there are the hard hits and the acrobatic catches, but for all the on-field fireworks, the NFL is a league that is largely defined by its team and player rivalries. 

Take the New England Patriots vs. the New York Jets. While the Patriots have dominated this matchup in the last few seasons, the Jets (and their fans) take pride in spoiling the record of their rivals in Massachusetts. Back in 2009, then-new Jets coach Rex Ryan was making headlines for his brash behavior and predictions in the press. Players on the Jets called it their version of the Super Bowl. Gang Green ended up winning, their first home victory against the Patriots at home since 2000. Of course, no play in the history of this rivalry will ever quite top the Butt Fumble. Quarterback Mark Sanchez took off on an ill-fated run that ended in a collision with his tackle's rear end, a fumble, and one of the most infamous plays in a generation.

Another heated rivalry is the Cowboys and the Redskins. These teams often compete for the division title, and unlike other matchups, the balance of power in this one can change from year to year. In 2016, two hot tempers collided when Washington's Josh Norman had to cover star Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. The two exchanged shoves and taunts all game; afterward, Dez called Norman "extremely soft" in an interview.

It's often easy to tell a rival by the opinions you have on the sport. Tell us about yourself on this quiz and we'll guess which football team you can't stand!

Divisions often determine rivalries. Which division does your favorite team play in?

A lot of players can inspire negative feelings. Which position on the football field is easiest to hate?

Does a team that wins a lot make you hate them more?

What is the least likable characteristic about an NFL team?

What is the most annoying kind of offense to run?

Who is the most annoying player in the NFL?

If a team breaks the rules, does that make you hate them more?

What team colors do you find most annoying?

Does it bother you when teams brush off the media?

Which of these football training habits is most annoying?

Do you think the media is biased toward certain teams?

There are lots of things you can do to be annoying in a football game. Which of these is most egregious?

Which NFL coach do you find most annoying?

Like it or not, it's a big part of football. What do you think about trash talk?

What's the most annoying way for a football player to dress?

Do you think it is more annoying for a team to be focused on offense or defense?

How much do fans factor into how much you dislike a team?

Which NFL quarterback do you find most annoying?

In the 2018-2019 season, which rookie bothered you most?

Do you think an NFL owner should be outspoken?

What do you think is the most annoying division in football?

How hard do you think a coach should work to beat their opponent?

Does it bother you when NFL players are flashy about their wealth?

How much does it bug you when teams run boring plays over and over?

What kind of touchdown celebration gets on your nerves the most?

What type of player nickname is the most annoying?

Does it annoy you when teams underachieve in the postseason?

How much do you dislike teams that make up their own slogans or nicknames?

Which of these actions would make you dislike a player the most?

What kind of mascot do you find most annoying?

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