Can We Guess Which NYC Borough You Live In?

Mark Lichtenstein

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New York's boroughs are as distinctive as the city itself. Each borough attracts or produces a certain crowd, be it cool, working class, elite, or, strangely, suburban. Can we guess where you come from?

Do you like to walk everywhere?

Do you mind the constant roar of freeways?

Do you mind the constant song of sirens?

Do you like being around hipsters?

How many Italian restaurants within delivery distance is the minimum you can live with?

How much do you need the sky?

Do you mind if your home might be underwater in 100 years?

Do you need to be able to flee without crossing a river?

Do you like feeling a little bit like you live on the set of a movie?

How diverse is ideal: merely super diverse, or 100% diverse?

What view do you want to see from your window?

How close to the subway do you want to be?

Which train is the best train?

How close do you want to be to downtown Manhattan?

Do you want to be around the movers and shakers?

Which park is the best park?

What's up with Momofuku?

How far away from the lights of Broadway do you want to live?

How jealous do you want your non-New York friends to be?

Which airport do you want to get to?

Which direction would you ideally have your country house?

How much do you want to spend on rent?

Do you wear high heels regularly?

How fashionable are you?

Which sitcom do you want to pretend you're living in?

Which song about New York do you like to sing?

How long a commute can you bear?

What industry are you in?

What sort of people do you want to be around?

Do you need to have 100 comedy shows available for under $20 per ticket?

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