Can We Guess Which Royal Wedding Dress You Should Wear?

Talin Vartanian

Image: The Royal Family

About This Quiz

Picture your ideal wedding day. Is it magical and beautiful or dreamlike like a fantasy? In this quiz, you're going to plan out your perfect wedding, which will help us determine which royal wedding dress is best for you! Planning a wedding can be a fun, but stressful time, as many factors need to be considered for your big day! For starters, a wedding can be a little expensive, especially considering the dress, flowers, food, tables, chairs, renting a venue and more.

But since a wedding doesn't happen often, most would agree that these types of costs are worth the effort. Another aspect of wedding planning involves where you want to get married. Would you want to get married near your friends and family, or in an exotic location? Keep in mind that exotic locations may not only be expensive for you but off-limits for your friends and family to travel to as well.

Now that you know about some stuff that goes into planning a wedding, it's time to take this quiz! You're going to plan your perfect wedding, without costing you a penny. Let's see which type of royal wedding dress you're going to wear!

How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning?

What season would you get married in?

Would you want a regular or a themed wedding?

Who would be the maid of honor at your wedding?

What is your ideal wedding dress?

Where would you want to get married?

Who's invited to the wedding?

What will the wedding menu consist of?

What will your wedding makeup look like?

How would you describe your ideal wedding in one word?

What flavor would your wedding cake be?

Where would you go for your honeymoon?

Would you be more nervous or excited about getting married?

Where would you want your significant other to propose to you?

What kind of fragrance are you going to wear on your wedding day?

What kind of wedding accessories would you wear?

How would you wear your hair on your big day?

If your wedding doesn't go as planned, would you feel upset?

Your wedding bouquet would consist of which of these flowers?

Do you think you would cry at your own wedding?

Which wedding shoes would you choose?

Would you donate your wedding dress after the wedding?

What would make your wedding dress stand out?

What time of day would you want to get married?

Which of these wedding gifts would you like to receive?

Would you dance at your wedding?

Are you going to memorize your vows?

Which of the following are you going to do before your wedding?

How would you remember your wedding?

How much will your wedding cost?

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