Can We Guess Which Scented Marker You Are?

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About This Quiz

The most popular brand of scented markers are Mr. Sketch. Since 1965, they've been found in classrooms across America and been used in countless art projects. Growing up, your parents probably kept art on their refrigerator that was created using scented markers. 

While scented markers instantly bring many adults back to their childhood, there are plenty of people who never understood the appeal. If you loved scented markers, you collected them all. Sure, you could make do with a four pack, which consists of cherry, banana, mint, and blueberry. If you were lucky, your parents might have bought you the eight pack, which added orange, grape, licorice, and cinnamon to the mix. Also, yellow sometimes saw its scent changed to lemon. 

Those really lucky kids hit the jackpot with the 12 pack. In a 12 pack, they would find cherry, orange, banana, mango, apple, grape, melon, blueberry, raspberry, licorice, mint, and cinnamon. Depending on the brand, the scents and colors vary, but they are tend to be heavy on the fruit scents. 

Do you identify more with one scent over the other? Is that the scent this quiz will give you as a result? There's only one way to find out! 

What is your favorite fruit?

If you could only wear one color, which color would you choose?

What is your favorite art medium?

Which language would you like to speak?

What is your favorite part of nature?

Were you a good student in school?

What was your favorite math subject?

Which unusual college course would you take?

Which of the following names would you use for a dog?

Which Golden Girl are you most like?

What is your favorite "Lord of the Rings" character?

Which library section are you most likely to be in?

Would you ever run a marathon?

Which company do you believe has the best logo?

Why do you watch the Super Bowl?

How many movies do you watch at a movie theater a year?

Which music festival would you attend if you had the time?

If you had a time machine, what time period would you travel to?

Which animal are you most afraid of?

What is your favorite reality competition show?

Which M&M character is your favorite?

Which type of pasta do you each most often?

Where would you take someone on a first date?

If you had to get up in front of a crowd to give a speech, what type of speech would it be?

Would you ever ride on a motorcycle?

What are you most likely to collect?

What is your favorite classic video game?

Which Hollywood landmark would you like to visit?

If you got into Harvard, would you attend?

Is visiting the Mall of America on your bucket list?

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