Can We Guess Which SEC School You Root For?

Steven Miller

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Let us know some details about how you support your favorite college team, and we think we can figure out what colors you wear on Saturdays in the fall.

What colors are you wearing for game time?

Which fight song do you like the most?

Which stadium would you rather go see a game in?

Which procession to the stadium would you rather be involved in?

Which mascot do you prefer?

When was the last time your team won a national championship?

Which famous quarterback do you like the most?

Which all-time great running back do you like the most?

Which famous wide receiver do you like the most?

Which head coach do you admire the most?

Which food would you prefer was at your tailgate party?

Which cheer is most appealing to you?

Which team is your biggest rival?

Which marching band is the best?

What are you doing after a win?

If you played football, what offensive position would you most like to play?

What position would you be best suited for on defense?

It's the final seconds of the game, do you go for the extra point to tie or the two-point conversion to win?

What do you feel are your team's chances to win a national championship this year?

Which restaurant are you going to after the game?

Which offensive play do you like the most?

How do you expect to do in your division of the SEC this year?

What is your alcoholic drink of choice on game day?

Where are you tailgating before the game?

Who would you say is the GOAT for your team?

Which NFL team do you root for?

What would you be most interested in studying in school?

How would you rate the party scene for tailgating at your school?

Which phrase best matches your team?

What's one thing you just have to do on game day?

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