Can We Guess Which Southern City You Live In?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

The southern region of the United States is different from the rest of the country. These warmer states are known for their very own lifestyle. Things might move a little slower in the South, but the South is full of great food, history and roots that run deeper than in most places. 

As you go through this quiz, we are going to ask you questions that we think will give away which southern jewel you call home. From the hustle and bustle of Atlanta to the laid-back lifestyle of New Orleans, each southern city has a set of traits that we are sure have rubbed off on you simply because you live there. Whether you were raised in that city or you're a new resident, we're certain that your city has given you a certain vibe we'll be able to pick up on. 

Answer with the response that you think represents you best, and we'll hear you speaking in your accent by the time you're done. Will we know which city you are lucky enough to call home, or will we need to book a trip and learn more about your town? Either way, we're sure you're southern enough to offer us some sweet tea!

In your opinion, what is the best way to eat grits?

Out of these southern states, which one do you know the most about?

Which southern stereotype makes you craziest?

"The Walking Dead" is filmed near Atlanta. Which character is your favorite?

What is your most charming quality?

When someone visits your home, what is the first thing you do?

Which northern city is your least favorite?

What do you love about your southern city the most?

Which of these soul foods do you find most comforting?

Do you prefer sweet potato pie or pecan pie?

Which southern celebrity is your favorite?

Do you often hold doors or pull out chairs for others?

Would you consider yourself a religious person?

What do you call your grandmother?

Which southern college football team gets your cheers?

Have you ever been square dancing?

How would your friends describe your manners?

Which condiment needs to be found on every southern table?

Do you listen to more country or more rap?

Would others say you have a thick accent?

Do you like going to the beach or to the mountains more?

Have you ever gone on a horse-drawn carriage ride?

What dish would you take to a community potluck?

Do you have a magnolia tree on your lawn?

What do you usually do on Sunday afternoons?

Have you ever lived anywhere else?

Which southern value do you hold closest to your heart?

Do you often say grace before dinner?

Do you drive a pickup or an SUV?

Could you be found watching NASCAR races?

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