Can We Guess Which Three Colors Really Look Best on You?

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Clothing and makeup choices are often determined by their brand, price, reviews and other factors, but there's one key aspect that we're going to explore today: Colors! From bright and shimmery colors to more neutral and simple colors, you've got the whole rainbow at your disposal when it comes to beauty and fashion choices. But we're not here to judge you, we just want to know a little more about you and your beauty routine!

Some ladies and gentlemen love to wear matching colors when it comes to their outfits, while others prefer mismatched colors. For example, a common color combination would be pink and blue and grey and white. And if you're really into avant-garde fashion and makeup, you can even try something called "color-blocking." This is often seen as a daring approach to colors, as these types of combinations may include pink and orange, purple and green and yellow and blue. You can even combine more than two colors together for an extra bold and daring look. But if you want to stick to more simple colors, remember that black goes with almost everything, including bright, dull and neutral colors. Tell us more about your makeup and fashion preferences in this colorful quiz!

You've got a big date coming up, which means it's time to go shopping for which of these accessories?

With which of these stylish celebrities would you love to become BFF's?

For $100, would you go on a first date with your crush without any makeup on?

Would you rather meet your favorite celebrity or your favorite Disney princess?

Which of these makeup products do you like to use to accentuate your eyes?

Everybody has a unique sense of style. We want to know what yours is.

Is it better to hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water or by using lots of moisturizer?

You'll earn $5 for each day you go without wearing any makeup. How many days could you last?

Your ideal tattoo would exemplify which of the following aspects of life?

When it comes to your overall look, do you like to focus more on your makeup, hair or outfit?

If your soul was like a type of flower, to which of these would it be similar?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much do you factor in beauty when it comes to developing friendships with other people?

If you could borrow the dress from one of these Disney princesses, who would you choose?

Do you prefer to paint your nails at home or have them done at a nail salon?

When it comes to your makeup stash, do you have a little or a whole lot of makeup products?

Which of these beautiful animals would you love to transform into for a day?

If you could have an unlimited supply of one of these makeup products, which one would you choose?

Would you say your soul is as sour as a lemon or as sweet as a strawberry?

Do you think you've met the most beautiful person in the world?

If you were the last person on Earth, would you still care about the way you look?

Would you rather have a more beautiful face or a more beautiful personality?

What do you think the letter "b" in "beautiful" stands for?

Imagine that you're going to a fancy prom this evening. How long is it going to take you to get ready?

Do you think that life should be viewed in a more optimistic, pessimistic or realistic way?

Are you the type of person who wears makeup on their days off, or is makeup only reserved for work and date night purposes?

There are several ways to lengthen your eyelashes. Which of these methods do you prefer?

Would you ever dye your hair pink or is this what nightmares are made out of?

Fill in the blank: There is no such thing as happiness in life if I can't use hair ______ anymore.

You have the opportunity to change your eye color, the shape of your lips or your face shape. Which one are you going to choose to change?

Fancy nails call​ for a fancy nail art design! Which of these designs would you want painted on your nails?

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