Can We Guess Which Town You Grew Up In?

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As they say, there's no denying your roots. Answering these questions about yourself will give us a good idea of where you came from. Whether you still live in your hometown or not, the answers you give us will help us to hone in with accuracy. 

We won't make it easy by asking general questions about your location. If we asked you for direct hints, it wouldn't be very much fun! Instead, we are going to try to find your hometown using only your personality, a few general hometown questions, and the things you remember fondly.  

The place your grew up in leaves an indelible impression on our psyche. Even when we move thousands of miles away, there are always things that prove where we came from. It's almost like our minds have been imprinted with the unique aspects and values of the places we grew up. 

As we try to figure out where you called home during your formative years, we need to know about the things you find comforting. Once we have enough information, we are sure we'll know where you came from. All you have to do is be as honest, and give us a chance! Let us prove that we know where you grew up after you take this quiz! 

Did you go fishing a lot when you were growing up?

Which comfort food do you like most?

Do you have an accent?

Which sport did you play in high school?

Do you still live in your hometown?

Which animal do you find most fascinating?

Do you like to go camping?

Which kind of tree do you find most beautiful?

Is your hometown known for anything?

Do you attend your high school reunions?

How big is your hometown?

Which movie best describes your childhood?

Are you still in touch with your high school friends?

Which U.S. state do you find most interesting?

Do you prefer lobster or steak?

Which high school clique did you fit in with best?

How close is your hometown to a large city?

Did your hometown have a McDonald's?

How would your boss describe your work ethic?

Which kind of first job did you have?

How old were you when you learned to drive?

Where would you most like to watch a sunset?

Did it rain a lot where you grew up?

Which season is most beautiful where you grew up?

Did your hometown have a lot of light pollution?

What was the best thing about growing up where you did?

What kind of dwelling did you grow up in?

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Which trait do most people from your hometown have?

Do you have a lot of hometown pride?

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