Can We Guess if You Heard Yanny or Laurel?

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Recently, the auditory version of the blue or gold dress debate took the internet by storm. You know what you heard, but we are betting that we can guess for ourselves just by getting to know you and the way you hear the world around you. After we get to know the way you perceive things with your ears, we are sure we'll get it right. 

Once all the science behind the Yanny or Laurel debate is explained, it all makes sense. It seems that those who are more in tune with lower frequencies heard Laurel. Those who are more susceptible to higher frequencies heard Yanny. It also depends on what your brain was expecting to hear and the device you were using to listen.

Although we won't be asking you to decipher any recorded messages during our Yanny or Laurel quiz, we will ask you about the way you listen to music and the every day sounds that either drive you crazy or make you feel right at home. By the time we're done, we are 100% confident we will know what you heard! 

As you work your way through our questions, play some calm and soothing music in the background. It will get you in the right frame of mind to let us guess if you heard Yanny or Laurel! 

Which sound do you find most soothing?

How loud do you listen to music in your car?

Which sound is the most irritating?

Are you a light sleeper?

What do you think when you hear a car alarm going off?

Does it bother you to hear babies cry in restaurants?

What does your clock's alarm sound like?

Do you think you have sensitive hearing?

What kind of music do you like most?

Which of your senses is the strongest?

Does snoring bother you?

Where is the worst place to sit on an airplane?

Which musical instrument do you think makes the most beautiful noise?

Have you ever heard a dog whistle?

Which animal's sound do you like most?

How often do you listen to audio books?

Do you work in a noisy environment?

Do you prefer listening to vinyl or listening to iTunes?

Which singer do you think has the best voice?

How loud do you speak?

Which accent do you like most?

Do you get startled by sounds easily?

Did you know that some people can see sound as colors?

Have you ever heard a sonic boom?

How would you describe the sound of your bosses voice?

Does it bother you to hear someone chewing?

How would you rate your home audio system?

Which place would you find too loud?

Have you ever blown a speaker?

Do you enjoy sitting in silence?

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