Can We Guess If You Prefer Manual or Automatic Transmissions?

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For some of us, there's nothing like the feeling of having ultimate control of our vehicles! Although manual transmissions are becoming a thing of the past in U.S. markets, many of us still like the feeling of being part of the car. Then again, there are those that never learned the beauty of a manual shift and those that prefer driving without having to think. 

Answer our questions about the things you prefer, and we're pretty sure we'll be able to guess which kind of transmission you like driving most. Manual transmissions used to require quite a lot of work, but they have improved over the years. Technology has also changed the way that automatic transmissions work. We would like to know about your technological preferences, how you approach problems, and a little bit about your driving. From there, we'll figure out if you like stick shifts or would prefer to see them rust. 

Fasten your seatbelt and rev up your engines! This quiz might feel like a wild ride, but keep in mind we've designed it to test your level of driving comfort. You might not be a NASCAR driver, but you can be anyone you want to be on the highway. All you have to do is tell us how you would shift along the way!

What kind of computer OS do you prefer?

When your computer has a problem, do you take it to a specialist or fix it yourself?

How familiar are you with the inner workings of the devices you use every day?

When you are forced to update your computer's OS, do you always view it as an improvement?

Do you view the maintenance of your devices and machines as time lost or as money saved?

What role should technology endeavor to play in daily life?

Do you enjoy reading about how things work?

Do you like to learn the history of technology, and why things are the way they are?

Do you prefer analog controls or more numb feeling electronic ones?

Do you like your ride to be insulated from the outside world?

Is one of your hands injured in some way?

Do you have a bad back?

Can you shift without looking at your hand?

Do you like very modern cars?

What is likely to distract you while driving?

How big is your preferred car?

Do you know how to put on tire chains?

Have you ever gotten out of a skid?

Do you actually use the handbrake when you park?

Are you a good driver?

How safe do people feel when you are behind the wheel?

What is the most common reason you drive?

What's your favorite driving weather?

What are your driving gloves like?

Which famous driver do you drive like?

How many accidents have you been in?

What's the worst accident you've been in?

What was the reason for your last ticket?

Have you ever traveled to another country primarily so you could have a taste of driving there?

Which is your favorite way to park?

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