Can We Guess If You Want Your Boyfriend to Get Your Dad's Permission Before Proposing?

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We're not exactly sure where the tradition of men asking the fathers of their brides-to-be started, but we that it's become extremely important. In fact, in some cultures, it's a requirement that the men make their intentions known long before even knowing if the woman they're courting is the one. But that's not what we're going to focus on today. We want to know whether you need your man to ask your dad before he asks you.

Are you close to your dad? Is he strict? Is he the kind of guy who doesn't care what his daughter does? Or do you guys not talk at all? And what about your boyfriend? Is he into those traditional beliefs? Does he care what your dad thinks? And have the two even met yet? 

Give us a chance and allow us to ask you a few questions about your life - how you grew up, your family life, what your relationships have been like and why this current one works. By the time we're done, we'll find out how traditional you really are and if you need your man to ask two people for permission instead of one!

Which parent are you closer to?

Do you look like your dad?

Were you named after him?

Did you dad spoil or discipline you, growing up?

How much of your childhood was your dad present for?

Do you think he did a good job?

How did he treat your mom?

Did he approve of all your boyfriends?

Did he ever threaten any of them?

What's the most embarrassing thing your dad has ever done?

Would you call him if you needed protecting or saving?

How much do you trust your dad?

If you could change one thing about your dad, what would it be?

If you had to rate his parenting skills on a scale of one to four, where one is the least and four is the most, what would he get?

Now tell us about your boyfriend. How long have you guys been dating?

Where did you guys meet?

What about him made you fall (in love or like)?

How serious is it?

Has he met your dad yet?

What does he think of your dad (based on his encounters or word of mouth)?

Do you think your boyfriend would ask your dad for permission?

Has marriage ever been discussed?

Do you even want to get married?

Do you need your dad and your man to get along?

If you had to choose between the two, who would you pick?

Now tell us a bit about you. Do you trust easily?

Was your childhood difficult?

Which of these did you struggle with during your teen years?

What's the best thing about being an adult?

Are you happy with your life right now?

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