Can We Guess if You Went to Bible Camp?

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God may be everywhere, but that doesn't mean everywhere is necessarily well-suited to learning about the nature of God. When you're a child especially, it's easy to get distracted by things like TV, playing with your friends, and avoiding doing your household chores.

That's why God - or rather, His representatives on Earth - invented Bible camp. This is a summer camp but with a substantial Christian or Jewish component. It's not just about studying the Bible at Bible camp. There are often other activities just as there are at different summer camps, like building campfires, learning to swim, and abseiling. However, there are also prayers, Bible study groups, and discussions of theological matters.

Bible camp may not be for everyone, but for children who are exploring their faith and curious about the Good Book, it's definitely a great way to figure out how they feel about their family's religion and whether they intend to hang onto it or find another way to their truth at a later stage. Love it or hate it, Bible camp will undoubtedly propel this journey forward, though in which direction is impossible to predict!

Can we guess if you're a Bible camp attendee or not? It's time to find out!

Do you always have a Bible quote handy?

Do you like both Testaments?

How many commandments are there?

Why is Hezekiah cool?

What was Abraham's birth name?

Who is the oldest guy in history?

Can you quote any Psalms?

Should the Bible be questioned?

Does the Bible have lots of authors?

Is the Bible infallible?

What's the shortest verse in the Bible?

Which is the best book?

Which book do you think the Bible could really do without?

Is the Bible justified in calling itself the Good Book?

Did your family go to any form of weekly worship?

How much do you blaspheme?

Do you think you can learn a lot from the Bible?

Is the Bible boring?

Is it possible to actually live by all the rules in the Bible?

Do you own a Bible?

Would you ever make notes in your Bible?

You tore your Bible by mistake! How do you feel?

Do you own any prayer books besides your Bible?

Have you read the main holy texts of any faiths besides your own?

Do you and your friends look good in matching shirts?

How upbeat are you?

Are you punctual?

How jaded are you?

Do you believe in miracles?

Do you pray?

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