Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Grammar?

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About This Quiz

Are you always correcting other people's grammar on social media? Are you that friend that makes your other friends crazy with your word-crazy brain? Let's put your love of grammar to better use! After you answer out questions about your grammar, we'll know exactly how old you are. 

Remember when you were a kid and you hated certain foods, but you kind of like them now? Grammar works in a very similar way. Judging by the things you know and the words you use, we'll be able to tell just how developed your word palette might be. Then, we'll correlate it to the age we think you are.

You do not need to have perfect grammar to prove your age to us. In fact, the things you get wrong as just as valuable to us at the things you get right. Every answer you give us will lead us one step closer to the age your birth certificate tells you that you are. 

Do you think we can get your age right? We'll stop japing around now, and we'll do our best to get it right. Answer our wordy questions, and we'll know how many candles you'll blow out on your next cake!

Fill in the blank: Linda was already on her way ______, so she didn't call ahead.

Could you care less?

Which word is incorrect? Irregardless of the situation, I'm going to the party?

Which phrase is correct?

Fill in the blank: Marvin's interest was ______.

Which sentence is correct?

How do you correctly handle a problem?

Do you jive or jibe with the facts?

Finish this sentence: Carla's way with words is her ______.

Which one is the missing word? If you are obeying the rules, you are _____ the line.

Which kind of point is debatable?

What is the name of a small, strong coffee?

If you are getting a preview, what are you getting?

Fill in the blank: The excellent magician new a lot of ______ of hand tricks.

Fill in the blank: The company closed _____ doors.

Do you make due or do you make do?

What does worse sometimes come to?

Fill in the blank: Henry _______ it up to experience.

Finish this sentence: Sammy's boss was liberal and gave him free ______.

Romeo and Juliet were in the ______ of passion. What were they in?

How do you get revenge?

Which sentence is correct?

Chose the correct sentence:

Fill in the blank: Jessy told Lauren a ______ lie.

Which sentence is correct?

Fill in the blank: Mr. Jones was a ______ for councilman.

How would you address a card?

Which decade did Madonna start signing in?

What is the thing that floats in the water?

Fill in the blank: Carine ______ in on the correct answer.

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