Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Life Skills?

Beth Hendricks

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Have you ever forged iron? How about made your own clothes from the skin of a deer/moose/elk? Probably not, right? Yet, those ancient life skills were the very foundation of a society long since past. Today, we're more well-versed in how to troubleshoot a computer, find the best seats at a concert or sporting event, or make our own cold brew at home. Not all that long ago even, maybe our parents' and grandparents' generation, people could do things that have almost become a lost art these days: driving a stick shift, balancing a checkbook, finding a date without the help of a smartphone app. Some people – maybe you! – possess a variety of skills that cross what we might consider generational boundaries. Maybe you're really adept at sewing, but you can also craft a mean tweet! That makes you pretty well-rounded, doesn't it?

Ever considered how what you excel at might give away your age (or your age at heart)? Choose the best answers in the quiz that follows, and sit back and watch as we narrow down your age based on your answers. It might surprise you ... or you might surprise us with your gnarly know-how of how a card catalog works. Choose the answer that best represents your skill level and find out if you're aging gracefully or young at heart.

Can you tie a tie or would you need an extra set of hands?

Do you know how to start a fire without a match?

Can you remove the SIM card from your phone without watching a tutorial?

Do you know how to write in cursive or is printing more your style?

Can you drive a stick shift without stalling the vehicle out?

Do you know how to leave a review—positive or negative?

Do you know how to send a snap or would you need someone to show you?

Can you change your own oil or do you prefer to pay someone to do it?

Can you change the channel without a remote or would you be stuck on the same channel forever?

Do you know what a card catalog is and where you might find one?

Can you stream music through your car's audio without asking for help?

If you had to go to the bank, would you know how to deposit a check?

If you absolutely had to make a call, would you know how to dial a rotary phone?

Big job interview coming up. Could you sew a button on your favorite shirt?

If you were lost, could you read a road map to get you to your destination?

Do you know how to compose or respond to a tweet?

How often do you change your bedsheets?

Can you build a budget and then use it to guide your financial decisions?

Do you know how to check interest rates and refinance a mortgage?

Think back to your school days. Have you ever covered a textbook in a brown paper bag?

Have you ever made a mixtape for yourself or someone else?

Do you know how to set a traditional alarm clock or is a phone alarm more your speed?

Have you ever ironed a shirt for an important event?

It's Wednesday and you're thinking about a date for the weekend. Where would you look first?

You're in the taxi headed to the airport. Do you know how to check in for your flight online?

It's Monday morning and you need coffee. Which of these methods would you prefer to use to make it?

Do you know how to ride a boogie board?

Can you cook a decent meal that doesn't require the use of a microwave?

Have you ever gone through the loan application process?

You've just finished eating out. Can you calculate how to leave a tip?

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