Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Reactions to These Unusual Foods?

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We all have foods that we love and eat on the regular, but there is a whole world of strange foods out there outside of pizza, wings, apple pie and Kraft macaroni and cheese. What foods are loved and loathed can vary a lot from culture to culture.

For example, a lot of people around the world might find buffalo chicken dip an odd food, but it's a Super Bowl party staple for many Americans. However, to many westerners, the staple foods of other cultures might seem odd. For example, if you didn't grow up with it, eating fish eyes or fermented eggs might seem downright strange! 

Can we guess how old you are based on whether you are down to eat chocolate covered crickets or not? Maybe your opinions about vegan foods will reveal your age. Or perhaps it will be your hatred of mayochup or love of pickled beets that gives you away. Some foods are controversial, some foods are popular, and others might seem strange, but remember that some of your most loved foods might seem totally bizarre to someone else! React to these odd foods from around the world, and we will try to guess exactly how old you are. 

Koolickles are pickles brined in Kool-Aid powder. These come from the American South. How does that make you feel?

American fair food is notoriously artery-clogging and over the top. Would you go for some deep fried butter?

Chicken's feet are eaten all over the world. Are you sold on them?

Haggis, which is possibly Scotland's most famous food, involves seasoned sheep organs cooked inside a sheep stomach. Are you into it?

Could you chow down on fish eyes, or do you need to look away?

In the Central U.S., fried cow brain sandwiches used to be popular. Would you think about giving it a try?

Blood sausage is eaten on every continent. Does the thought of congealed blood and thickeners stuffed into a sausage skin turn your stomach?

In Thailand, they fry grasshoppers and serve them with salt, pepper and chili. Would you eat that?

Do you go wild for escargot?

People either love or hate vegemite. Where do you stand?

In Japan, they eat raw horse meat, which is called cherry blossom meat. Do you want to try it?

One popular Cajun dish is alligator sausage. Would you try this southern delicacy?

Rocky Mountain oysters are not oysters at all. Do you know what they really are and would you eat them?

Balut, a duck embryo boiled alive in its shell, is a common street food in the Philippines. How do you feel about that?

Kopi Luwak is a super expensive coffee variety made from beans that have been eaten by civets and passed through their digestive system. Want a cup of it?

Casu Marzu is a Sardinian cheese full of live insect larvae that might jump out at you when you take a bite. Do you like to live dangerously?

Cambodia is known for its fried tarantulas. How do you feel about fried tarantula?

Fugu is a dish in Japan so poisonous that there are strict legal instructions for its preparation. Would you be interested in eating this dangerous pufferfish?

The Canadian dish jellied moose nose involves boiling a moose nose more than once and covering it with a thick broth that sets into a jelly. Does that make you hungry?

A very old North Korean dish called Boshintang is a soup made with dog meat and vegetables. Do you want to sample it?

Huitlacoche is a Mexican dish where corn cobs become overtaken with a dark and bumpy fungus. It's said to have an earthy flavor, but do you want to try it?

Airag is a kind of Mongolian beer made from fermented horse milk. Bottoms up?

Muktuk is a traditional Inuit meal of either raw or pickled whale skin and blubber. Do you want to try this Greenland dish?

Salo is a Ukrainian delicacy. It consists of smoked and aged animal fat slabs that are sliced thinly and served on rye bread. You down?

Locusts may have been a biblical plague, but modern people are getting their revenge by eating them covered in chocolate. Want to try one?

Scrapple is a Pennsylvania Dutch staple. Would you want to eat a congealed pork organ loaf?

Burgoo is an old school American spicy stew that was traditionally made with squirrel, opossum and maybe even raccoon. Do you want to dig in?

Cincinnati Chili is spaghetti topped with chili and cheese. Does that sound good to you?

In Alaska, you can get pizza topped with reindeer. Does that make you want to visit Alaska?

Tripe, or the stomach lining of animals, is served all over the world in different ways. Do you want to take a bite?

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