Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Taste in Fast Food?

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About This Quiz

What's your favorite burger joint? How about your favorite fast-casual place? Do you still love chalupas? How about Wendy's famous baked potato?

Your answers to these questions may reveal which generation you belong to. The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation Jones, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z were each raised on very different foods. Furthermore, once they reached adulthood, they were exposed to rather different food trends, cuisines and food scares.

Baby Boomers were told to steer away from high-fat foods, while Millennials are more likely to eschew carbs. Younger generations may be fans of Sonic's Green Apple Ice Cream Slush, while Gen X diners can't get past its artificial taste. The Silent Generation and Millennials see eye-to-eye on the charms of a simple order of Five Guys fries, while Gen Z and Generation Jones both prefer Chipotle (but for different reasons).

In this quiz, we'll ask you about all those fast foods and more! Then we'll use those answers to calculate your age. Think your taste is different from that of the rest of your generation? Prove it, by taking this quiz!

What's your favorite coffee place?

When you're in need of a morning doughnut, where do you go?

If you're hungry for breakfast food, which of these do you choose?

Which of these fast food restaurants serves the best snacks?

It's time for lunch. Where do you go?

Which fast food restaurant has the best vegetarian options?

Which fast food restaurant has the best vegan options?

When's the last time you ordered a mandarin chicken orange salad from a drive-through?

Which of these places has the best milkshakes?

Which fast food restaurant serves the best fries?

You want a smoothie. Where do you go?

Which fast food chain has the best hot dogs?

Where do you go when you want avocado toast?

Chicken nuggets: yes or no?

When you crave pizza, where do you go?

When you want a substantial meal, which of these burger places do you visit?

How do you feel about Orange Julius?

What's your favorite Subway sandwich?

Which of these restaurants has the best fried chicken?

What's your favorite snack place at the mall?

When you're desperate for ice cream, where do you go and what do you order?

Which fast food restaurant has the best low-carb options?

During your entire lifetime, how many times have you eaten Arby's?

Do you like McDonald's coffee?

Which one of these restaurants offers the best Mexican fast food?

What's your favorite Asian fast food restaurant?

What's the grossest fast food menu item?

How do you feel about Dairy Queen overall?

When's the last time you ordered a salad from a fast food place?

Are food trucks fun to eat at?

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