Can We Guess Your Age Based on the Words You Use?

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Seriously, this quiz is "sick!" Do you think that means this quiz is gross? Does it mean that this quiz is awesome? Or, are you so out of the loop that you think this quiz will actually make you sick? Your choice of words and even how you respond to people's actions makes it easy to decipher your age.

Whether you're a groovy cat or cool dude, you, like everyone else, have your tells even if you are a shark or a swindler. However, it wasn't until the last twenty years that slang, jargon, and colloquialisms exploded through outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and #SocialMedia. These platforms have given rise, not only to trending changes in language but have also brought back some oldies you know, like, that groovy cat who's the bees-knees.

While mixed generational slang is fun and a fresh way to enliven the old and new, we still think that despite your love of language, you are still arrested to the generation you were born to or in.

It's time to take the plunge. Answer these questions about your slang, greetings and a little about your culture, and we will tell you how old you are. You should also text, tweet or pick up the phone tell a friend about this quiz and see how you compare.

Do you say "groovy"?

Do you remember when emoji were called emoticons?

You just saw your friend and you want to see them again. What do you say?

How often do you say "like" in a normal day?

Do you know what a snap is?

What does the word "gay" mean, originally?

Do you say a lot of Bible quotes?

You get in a cab. What is the first word you say?

What's a word you would never use?

Do you ever say internet slang out loud, like LOL or ROFL?

What do you call a stranger if you have to talk to them on the street?

How big is your vocabulary?

What do you call someone aged 40-50?

Who are the Silent Generation?

If someone tweets at you, what does that mean?

What do you call your closest friend?

Can people from other generations understand you?

Can you understand people from other generations?

Have you ever been on the 'gram?

What is "woke"?

What do you call your significant other?

What do you call a woman you don't know?

What does it mean if you are "radical"?

If something is FUBAR, what does that mean?

What do you call the source of your meals?

If someone says TTYL, what do they want to happen?

What do you call a superior at work?

If you meet a married woman and you know her last name, do you just call her Mrs. Husband's LastName?

What is "srsly"?

Do you say "dude"?

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