Quiz: Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Fashion Sense?
Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Fashion Sense?
By: Allison Lips
Image: moodboard/Cultura/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Fashion is cyclical. What's old becomes new, which becomes old again and the cycle never ends. While an old style may return in a slightly modified form, the general fashion concepts remain the same. For example, aviator sunglasses were created in the '50s but didn't become popular until the '70s and '80s. They would go out of style in the '90s and have a minor resurgence in the late-2000s and early 2010s. 

Due to the cyclical nature of fashion, it's an imperfect judge of age. After all, you may remember when a style first achieved popularity or you may have worn the style when it returned to the mainstream. There's also the possibility that you're a trendsetter who incorporates fashion influences from every decade into your personal style. 

Regardless, this quiz will ask a few questions to get a sense of how old you are. If you get a result that is a younger age than you currently are, then you must be young at heart and don't let age stop you from having fun with your fashion. If you get an age older than you are, don't worry. It simply means that you appreciate vintage fashions. Are you ready to find out what age your fashion sense suggests you may be?

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What is your favorite women's hairstyle?

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What is the most you've ever spent on one item of clothing?

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How often do you buy something, bring it home, wear it once, and then decide you no longer like it?

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When was the last time you wore a band t-shirt?

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Have you ever worn a long sleeve t-shirt underneath a short sleeve t-shirt?

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If you could still get away with it, would you wear chains hanging off your pants?

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Who do you associate tie dye shirts?

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Would you wear a Swatch today even though they aren't in style?

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Do you miss the days of Ed Hardy clothing being in style?

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