Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Fast Food Order?

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Although you may have aged beyond Happy Meals or ordering from the kid's menu, we're betting we can still tell how old you are based on your fast food order. Guessing someone's age based up on their love of fries and sandwiches might seem impossible - but we assure you, we are trained professionals who run more efficiently than a McDonald's grill during a lunch rush. 

Dipping your fries in anything other than ketchup might get you a few odd looks in the dining room, but only a seasoned professional would know the joy of using those little dip packets for their spuds. It's the little things that you do with your fast food, the food you order, and the way you eat it that will how many moons you've been on this planet. You might not think it matters where you put your napkin when you eat, but everything single thing you do is another clue for us!

We've developed a unique scale to figure out your age, but we promise you won't have to step on it. It's the kind of scale that will use your fast food palate to assess your birth certificate. Pull up to window number one and let's create your order!

How healthy is your order?

How pricey is it?

Walk in or drive through?

How did you order it?

How many calories?

Will you be hungry again in an hour or two?

Is this a meal or something between meals?

What drink is in the order?

Is there anything green in the order?

How will you eat it?

What is it wrapped in?

How long did it take to prepare?

Can you vouch that the ingredients are what they claim to be?

What percentage of your daily salt allowance is in there?

How much fat is in there?

Will your body just shake this right off?

Who are you eating with?

Are you paying?

Will you recycle the packaging?

Hot or cold?

Is your order vegetarian?

Will there be what you might term gastric consequences in the bathroom tomorrow?

How long will it take you to eat it?

How messy will it get?

Is there any fiber in there?

What's the sugar content?

Will you regret it tomorrow?

Do you feel shame if anyone sees you eating it?

Did anyone pressure you into ordering it?

How's your metabolism?

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