Can We Guess Your Age by the Foods You Hate?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

People often grow up loving the foods they had as children and being tentative of other types of cuisine. For example, people who grow up in cultures without peanut butter tend to detest the spread as adults. If you grew up eating Marmite or Vegemite, you wouldn't find fermented yeast spreads to be strange at all, but they're off-putting to most people.

In the 1980s, baby vegetables were all the rage. If you were born after 1996, you likely never saw the commercial for the Tootsie Pop with the owl. If you are under 18, it is extremely unlikely that, even if you grew up in New England, a school cafeteria ever fed you a fluffer-nutter sandwich. The foods we eat don't just say things about our personal tastes. They say things about where we're from and how old we are.

By seeing which foods you adore and despise, we'll be able to tell how old you are! For instance, no one under a certain age has ever seen a gelatin mold with sour cream and pineapple chunks. On the other hand, practically no one over a certain age understands the appeal of eating extremely hot peppers. 

Hungry to see how accurate we are? Take the quiz!

What is your least favorite cereal?

How do you like your eggs?

How do you not like your pancakes?

What's your least favorite breakfast beverage?

What breakfast food do you find unappetizing?

Which fish are you least likely to eat?

Which cured meat sandwich would you prefer to skip?

Which cooked meat sandwich do you like least?

Which vegan sandwich topping makes you cringe?

Which bread do you like least for sandwiches?

Which bread do you like least for toast?

Which bread should not be served with soup?

Which soup is your least favorite?

What sports arena food is your poison?

What kind of sports arena drink do you avoid at all costs?

What street food would you never order?

What fast food chain do you hate?

How wouldn't you take your steak?

What cut of steak do you hate?

What fish do you hate the most?

Which fowl is foul?

Which potato preparation is a non-starter for you?

What salad item makes you push the plate away?

What salad dressing is the equivalent to dousing your salad in poison?

What game is too gamey for you?

What dinner drink is too awful to stomach?

What cheese course makes you turn green?

What fruit just grosses you out?

What dessert isn't your cup of tea?

Which pie isn't on your team?

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