Can We Guess Your Age From the Places You've Visited?

Zoe Samuel

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If you've been around long enough to go around the block (and a couple of continents), then you might know places by different cultures and names than they currently have. Can we use the stamps in your passport to figure out your age?

Where in South America have you been?

Have you been to Afghanistan?

How about Kashmir?

What about Rhodesia?

What precaution would you take in going to the Eastern Bloc?

What disease factors into your travel choices?

Ever been to Morocco?

Why might you go to Shanghai?

Ever been to Iran?

Do you expect people in places you go to speak English?

Do you respect the customs of places you go?

Do you cover your shoulders when you visit a church?

Do you cover your head when you visit a house of worship?

Do you take off your shoes inside a house of worship?

What supposedly really cool event happens in Black Rock City?

When you went to Stonehenge, how close to the stones did you get?

Would you feel safe going to Ethiopia?

Do you anticipate going into space during your lifetime?

If you were to travel near the Himalayas, would you want to travel over or around them?

What country were you in when you visited Kiev?

Ever been to the Austro-Hungarian Empire?

Have you been to Estonia?

Have you ever spent money in renminbis?

Where could you go to Disneyland?

Have you been to SeaWorld?

What age did you first go in an airplane?

Have you ever left the U.S.A. for medical treatment?

Have you ever been on safari?

Have you been to Vietnam?

How about Myanmar?

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