Can We Guess Your Age by Your Taste in Movies?

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About This Quiz

We're going with a multi-pronged approach to figuring out how old you are in this quiz. While your favorite movies, actors and actresses will take us part of the way there, we'll also rely on questions that explore how you tend to watch movies as well. When it's all said and done, we're confident that we can get pretty darn close to your actual age. Who knows, maybe we can hit the nail right on the head.

For example, if you're someone who has mostly seen PG and G-rated movies to this point in your life, that would suggest that you're likely going to be younger than 16. Should you also mention that you are a big fan of animated films and big-budget Hollywood blockbusters about superheroes, we're even more sure that we've got you pegged as a teenager.

Alternatively, perhaps you're someone who grew up with the drive-in movie theater as a regular entertainment option. If some of your favorite films are in black and white or Technicolor, we'll be pretty sure that you're a part of the Baby Boomer generation. If we delve a little deeper, we'll be able to narrow it down to a specific number.

Grab that bucket of popcorn and find your seat; the show's about to begin.

Of the following, which comedy did you enjoy the most?

Which actor's work do you admire the most?

Which of these '60s classics do you like the most?

Have you ever been to a drive-in theater?

Which snack are you most likely to get at the movie theater?

Which of the following actresses do you enjoy the most?

Which show time are you most likely to attend?

Which of these action films do you like the most?

Of the following '70s films, which would you rather watch?

Which animated movie listed below had the biggest impact on you?

Do you quote movies on a regular basis?

Which of the following horror films do you like the most?

When was the last time you saw a movie in a theater?

Which of these comedians would you rather see in a movie?

Which recent fantasy movie series is your favorite?

Which of these '80s films do you like the most?

Of the following, which romantic comedy is most your style?

Have you ever hosted a party for The Oscars?

Do you enjoy watching documentaries?

Which famous director's work has had the biggest impact on your life?

Which of these films from the '90s do you like the most?

Which of these epic films is most appealing to you?

Of the following, which mystery movie do you like the most?

Which movie from the 2000s listed below did you like the most?

Which of these sports-themed movies did you enjoy the most?

Which of these recent movies do you like the most?

Which of the following films about war is your favorite?

Do you have a home theater?

Which of these Oscar winners for Best Picture is your favorite?

Of the following, which superhero film is most appealing to you?

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