Can We Guess Your Batting Average?

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Do you bat 1.000, or are you under the Mendoza line? Many say that hitting a baseball with a bat is one of the hardest activities in sports. There are elite players well in the 99th percentile of all players who find themselves perpetually in triple-A because they can't get their average high enough to play in the majors. Hitting a ball is far more complicated than anyone can imagine.

The old adage is "keep your eye on the ball," but we now know that the human eye cannot actually track a pitch in flight. In fact, scientists have learned that the human eye cannot track the flight of a pitch, but instead, the mind estimates the flight based on the tiny sliver of information granted by the initial movement of the pitcher before the ball leaving his or her hand. This means that the mind is swinging at the ball more than anything else, and the mind is using all its past experiences swinging at baseballs to know when it is safe to take a shot.

Do you have the innate abilities to get the job done on the ball field? Do you have a hitter's eye? Do you have good plate discipline, good range, and a nice pop on the bat? We'll figure it out with this quiz!

Are you willing to really do your homework?

How accurately do you remember song lyrics?

How quickly do you call for "shotgun"?

How early do you get to a sale?

How long does it take for you to react to a red light changing to green?

How long do you wait for a movie to be out before you go to see it?

How easily are you distracted by people insulting you?

How fast do you drive?

How much can you bench?

How fast can you run?

Can you stay focused when you are forced to wait?

How are you at Trivial Pursuit?

Do you excel at Street Fighter IV?

What instrument can you play?

How are you with sleight of hand?

How are you at tug of war?

Can you identify a bird in flight?

How are you at 8-ball?

How often do you play Horse?

How good an artist are you?

How observant are you?

How patient are you?

How often do you get ahead of the plot of a TV show or movie?

Are you bothered by bad weather?

How are you at reading people?

Can you decipher cryptography?

How are you at taking orders?

How studious are you?

Can you bounce back from a loss?

Is your performance something you are proud of?

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