Can We Guess Your Biggest Flaw?

Jennifer Post

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About This Quiz

Your flaws are often something you don't want to think about actively. But think about this for a second. Maybe thinking about your weaknesses is a way to highlight your strengths. If you know what you don't do well, not only can that help you take a closer look at what you do well, but it can also help you work on improving some things, even if your biggest flaw is something as simple as you're always hungry. A positive of that would be that your metabolism is very efficient. You can work on it by eating more protein-rich meals to keep you fuller for longer.

See? Not everything is all bad, even when we're talking about flaws. Do you feel like you have so many flaws you can't pick your biggest one? Totally understandable. This quiz is here to help. It will take a bit of a deep dive into your life, but it will also try to figure out who you are as a person and your daily tendencies. If the answer you give during job interviews is that you're too caring or you try too hard, you definitely need this quiz. Just always remember that within every flaw is a strength just waiting to come out. Want to know what your biggest flaw is? Take this quiz to find out!

Can you say one thing that you're really good at?

Has anyone ever told you something you're bad at?

How do you normally react when someone points out a flaw?

Are you good at accepting compliments?

Do you think you're particularly self-aware?

In a job interview, do you feel like you nail it every time?

How would you win an apocalyptic battle?

What really makes you cry?

Do you feel like you spend enough time with your friends and family?

How is your job going right now?

Does your current living situation make you feel good about your life choices thus far?

How often do you stay up way too late?

Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?

Which type of co-worker is your least favorite?

Which Disney princess do you identify with?

In your opinion, what is your best quality?

What's your idea of an ideal vacation?

Is there one thing that always makes you laugh?

Are you a messy person?

Do you have a favorite phone app?

Which holiday is the one you most look forward to?

Is there any emotion that you feel more than any others?

When you're eating out, how do you decide what to order?

Are you able to be honest with yourself when it comes to admitting your mistakes?

At the end of the week, how do you relax?

What's your biggest pet peeve if you had to pick just one?

Do you have a workout routine that you stick to?

Can you talk people into doing something you want to do but they don't?

What's your favorite room to spend time in?

Do you think people point out flaws to help someone else or to be mean?

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