Can We Guess Your Dream Motorcycle?

Mark Lichtenstein

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About This Quiz

Everyone with a pulse has a dream motorcycle. Motorcycles are terribly impractical, dangerous machines, and that's what makes them cool. Let's ask you a few questions and we'll tell you what we think your dream motorcycle is.

How would you dress for your dream road trip?

Which season best suits your dream motorcycle?

What helmet do you like best?

How loud do you want your bike?

Which dog breed is your speed?

In one word, what should your dream ride say about you?

Who is your dream bike for, other than you?

If pressed, which tea is your cup of tea?

What riding goggles would you don?

How do you like your fries?

What headwear would you wear under your helmet, or after taking it off?

Which smartphone is smart enough for you?

Which car brand is your speed?

Which airline has your loyalty?

Which glove fits like a glove?

Which baseball slugger hits it out of the park for you?

Which Broadway show fits the bill?

Which franchise busts your block?

Which actress is your heroine?

Which TV show is your big hit?

Which band do you like?

What color lightsaber would you want?

Which Tekken character do you always play?

What's your billiard game of choice?

What's on your pizza?

How do you decorate your home?

How close are you to your dream job?

If you have to take public transport, what's your ride?

Which European vacation destination would you prefer?

What is the most important thing about riding a motorcycle?

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