Can We Guess Your Education Level?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

While your education level is obviously as much a product of your upbringing and opportunities as your level of intelligence, it's still possible to guess it with just a few questions - or is it?

What sort of smart are you?

Do you love to read?

If you don't know something, how do you like to learn it?

Do you have any framed certificates in your house?

Have you ever been called elitist?

Are you in the top 5% of your field?

Are you more a Jack of all trades or a master of one?

How many books were in your house growing up?

Did you ever have a really bad teacher?

Does the idea of taking an exam make you want to puke?

How's your self-discipline?

Do you fear debt?

How much debt are you in?

Irrespective of what you know: do you think you know how to learn?

Do you know your topic well enough to teach it?

Does it shock you that you could put all this time in and not make a living in your chosen field?

Do you believe coal is coming back?

Do you have a conviction?

What do your folks do?

Do you believe in the American dream?

Are you good with people?

Is the system fundamentally broken?

How are you at standardized tests?

What's something you watch for fun?

What's something you do for fun?

Does your partner have a degree?

Would you care if your partner out-earned you?

Do you expect to own a home someday?

Would you move for work?

Do you think the economy is going to get easier or harder for people in your educational bracket?

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