Can We Guess Your Eye Color Based on Your Makeup Preferences?

Kennita Leon

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About This Quiz

Your makeup can say a lot about you. It tells us what kind of person you are and even the things you like doing. But what people don't realize is that makeup can also tell us what your eye color is. 

You see, our eyes can bring out our makeup or vice versa. Subconsciously, we make decisions that enable those things to happen. So whether you choose to go with a more neutral color to make your eyes pop or a bright one that'll blend with them, most of us make our eyes the star of the show without even knowing it. And today, we want to guess what color yours are by learning more about your makeup preferences.

So allow us to ask you a few questions about your taste - including how bright you like your highlighter and how dark you like your contour. We want to know what colors look best on your lips and eyes and what skin issues you may or may not have. By the end of our fun beauty questions, we'll have a pretty good guess as to what your eye color is. If you'd like to see if our guessing skills are up to par, let's get started on this quiz. 

Let's get started. How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?

Who introduced you to makeup?

How often do you wear makeup?

What's your monthly makeup budget?

And how often do you go shopping for new products?

How many brushes would you say you own?

What's your all-time favorite (affordable) makeup brand?

And which brand do you splurge on every now and then?

Which celeb makeup line do you buy from all the time?

Tell us about the products you prefer. What shades of eyeshadow do you wear the most?

What do you fill in your brows with?

What kind of eyeliner is easiest for you to use?

How much coverage do you need in a foundation?

What color lipsticks do you favor?

And what kind of finish do you want on your lips?

Which of these highlighters are you most likely to use based on its name?

Do you use a setting spray?

Where do you get your makeup inspiration from?

Which of these influencers is your favorite?

How great would you say your makeup skills are?

Now tell us about your skin. What kind do you have?

Which of these best describes your skin tone?

Do you have a skincare routine?

How often do you moisturize?

Which of these skin products can you not live without?

Does makeup have any bad side effects on your skin?

What do you remove your makeup with?

What's your biggest skin issue?

Which weird skin remedy ingredient have you tried?

And which celebrity's skin do you think is absolutely flawless?

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