Can We Guess Your Eye Color Based on Your Sense of Style?

Talin Vartanian

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About This Quiz

In this quiz, we're going to use the information you provide us about your sense of style to determine what your eye color is! Do you have hazel, blue, brown or green eyes? Don't tell us just yet, because your accurate set of results awaits you at the end of this quiz!

There are a wide variety of styles and fashionable pieces that men and women have in their wardrobe. Fashion is a representation of ourselves, our personality and who we aspire to be. Some of this inspiration may come from family, friends, celebrities and fashion designers like Marc Jacobs or Alexander McQueen. Certain wardrobe pieces also vary in color, textures, patterns and price. For example, cashmere is a very expensive type of fabric that is also very soft in texture. It's also best for sweaters and long-sleeve shirts.

If you're ready to see what your true eye color is, it's time to take this fashionable quiz now! Do you have more old-fashioned and vintage pieces in your closet, or clothing that's more chic and modern? You could also have pieces that are more artsy, or more reflective of the '80s! Whatever your sense of style is, let's find out what color your eyes are right now!

Does your wardrobe contain any vintage pieces?

Which of these outfits would you wear to the gym?

Who is your celebrity style icon?

Which of these shoes dominates your wardrobe?

Are you into floral prints?

Which of these accessories do you like to wear?

Do you own any hats?

What's your sense of style?

Which type of clothing colors do you prefer?

Which of these dresses would you wear on a night out?

Pick a coat/jacket that goes well with any outfit.

Which of these purses do you own?

Is wearing a belt over a dress a fashion crime?

Are ponchos out of style?

Would you ever wear a sweatshirt over a dress?

Do you own any shawls?

What's your favorite type of fabric?

A dress and sneakers combo: Yay or Nay?

Which of these denim washes do you prefer?

Which of these denim jeans is your favorite?

Would you ever wear any high fashion pieces?

Which of these fashion designers represents your wardrobe?

Do you dress up to go to the grocery store?

Pick a pair of boots that you have in your closet.

Which of these sunglasses looks best for your face?

How do you feel about intentional holes/rips in jeans and shirts?

Would you wear tights and/or stockings with a skirt?

Are blazers a staple in your wardrobe?

Which style era do you represent the most?

Which of these fashion trends have to go?

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