Can We Guess Your Favorite Basketball Team?

Steven Miller

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About This Quiz

The NBA has been cool for a long time, but right now, it has never been cooler. If you do have a favorite team, then this is a great time to be a basketball fan unless of course, you are a fan or the Sacremento Kings, and if that is the case, all we can do is say that we're sorry.

Right now you still have to love the Golden State Warriors; they have been awesome forever, and they still look amazing. But you would be a happy NBA fan if you were enjoying the Houston Rockets too? Who would have ever thought that Chris Paul and James Harden would work together so well? Also, you can never count out the San Antonio Spurs. 

Then when it comes to the East, the Cavs might be down, but they will never be out as long as they have Lebron James. And what about the Celtics and the Lakers? The two greatest teams of all time, both that have bright futures, although Boston sure is a lot better right now. Who is your favorite basketball team? We bet if you take this quiz we can find out. Unless you actually have game.

What part of the United States is closest to where you call home?

How long has it been since your team has won a championship?

Does your team shoot a lot of threes?

Would you say your team is more defensive or offensive?

How likely is it that your team will play on Christmas?

Which current player do you like the most?

Which star from the past is your favorite?

Which song gets you fired up the most?

Which team is your biggest rival?

How many games did you attend in person last year?

Which uniform colors do you prefer?

If you played in the NBA, which position would you want to play?

Which basketball skill of yours is the best?

Which genre of music would you rather warm up to?

Which basketball movie is your favorite?

Which coach do you admire the most?

Which sport besides basketball do you like the most?

Which landmark is the most special to you?

Which mascot do you like the most?

Which snack do you have to get when you go to a game?

Have you ever been on "The Kiss Cam"?

What number jersey are you most likely to own?

Which NBA team is closest geographically to your team?

Where do you expect your team will finish this year?

Which "Inside the NBA" cast member do you like the most?

Which kind of dunk do you think is the most entertaining?

Which shoes would you rather own?

Which trick move do you like the most?

Which description best matches your usual shot in basketball?

Are you going to the parade if your team wins the championship?

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