Can We Guess Your Favorite Color Based off Your Taste in Cheese?

Ashley Ehman

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About This Quiz

Cheese is one of those special foods that comes in a variety of shapes, flavors, colors and consistencies. Some cheeses can be spread on your favorite cracker, others taste best when sliced right off the block. With so many options available, it is easy to see why a person's taste in cheese can say a lot about them! Do you know someone who likes blue cheese or Limburger? One might argue they have a more refined taste. If someone only likes bland, soft cheeses, a person might deduce that that individual is boring and plain. Whatever the case, a person's cheese preferences can speak volumes. 

Beyond their taste palette, what if cheese could be used to determine other things about a person? In this quiz, we think we will be able to guess your favorite color based on what queso you prefer. Does preferring sharp cheddar over mozzarella make you more of a purple person? Will admitting to liking those cheeses that smell like feet mean you have a preference for green over yellow? Let's think about all the tasty cheeses that are available and see if there's a connection between Colby and color! It doesn't get much cheddar than this!

What's your favorite kind of grilled cheese?

What's your favorite cheese snack?

What cheese-based plate would you order first at a restaurant?

It's 3 a.m. What kind of cheese are you eating directly from the package?

Which strange cheese fad would you try?

What cheese-inspired ice cream cone would you order?

Choose a cheese-loaded pizza. Which one are you getting delivered?

Which flavor of wax-encased cheese snack are you eating first?

What are you dipping into your cheese fondue first?

There are many ways to make macaroni and cheese. Which way is your favorite?

What is your favorite style of cheese?

Which color cheese do you find yourself enjoying most?

Cheese is very versatile. What additive would you want mixed with your cheese?

How long does cheese last in your house?

Your table orders a charcuterie board to share. What do you eat first?

Where do you buy the majority of your cheese?

What quality do you value most in your cheese?

What is your opinion on cheese curds?

There's always a number of side dish options when dining out. What cheese-based side are you ordering with your entree?

Which queso-containing pasta dish would you dive into first?

After a night out on the town, what snack do you want before heading home?

It's not hard to find a good mozzarella, but which of the following types of the white cheese would you devour first?

Unsurprisingly, a majority of the world's cheese is made from cow's milk. Which non-cow cheese would you most like to eat?

Not all cheese is created equal. With this in mind, which "cheese product" would you be most likely to find in your kitchen?

Which cheese-themed gift would you most like to receive?

When eating salad, what cheesy addition do you most look forward to?

For a weekend trip, you choose one cheese-themed event to attend. Where are you going to go?

Which cheesy sport would you most like to participate in?

Which of the following hard cheese types is your favorite?

Cheese is popular across the globe, but which cheesy destination would you most like to visit?

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